Noel's Box from FORT SHOCKLEY 


Solid Oak case features dovetail joinery, for strength, durability and esthetics

Retouched solid Brass appointments age gracefully and provide a lifetime of maintenance free use

White HPL work surface cleans easily and is the perfect back ground for color judgment

Multi layered tool bar provides easy access to tools as well as secure storage eliminated set up

Inlays of flush cut magnet and Portuguese cork are logically located for storage of bodkins, hooks and flies before and after tying

Polyurethane is French Polished to bring up the rich luster, characteristic of finer works.

Keyed lock, secures tools &materials, all you see on the outside is a key slot

Solid Aromatic Cedar drawers to protect your material investment from pests

Padded leather handle, conforms to hand while transporting workstation

Increased in spool capacity from forty to forty-eight

Optional Solid Brass name plate engraved and inlayed in your workstation

Noel's Box sets the design and the standards for the ultimate in custom cabinet work ordered at Fort Shockley.




©Forte Shockley, Ltd 2000

DIMENSIONS (WHD) nominal (221512)

My dear friend Ralph Moon, Curator Emeritus for the International Fly Fishing Center and 1999 recipient of the FFF Lapis Lazuli, sums Noel's Boxtm up with one of the finest compliments that we could receive " Greg, it is just about beyond description.".

We have since spent many sunsets searching for those perfect words in the rise forms of the fabled Henry's Fork.

That unique blend of design elements, solid wood, attention to detail, and singular craftsmanship that happens on rare occasions during ones lifetime.

Noel's half century old design, has delighted the true angler who is satisfied with nothing less than hooking a fish on their own fly.

Executed with the utmost care this work center is crafted with the fly angler in mind who is compelled to go beyond a merely functional tool.

The solid Aromatic Cedar drawers are designed with fly tying materials in mind; hooks, hackle, dubbing, wing materials.

Featured on the cover photo of such exclusive publications as Wild Steelhead & Salmon and Sporting Classics, as well as articles in Fly Tying, and Fly Fisherman-Japan Edition. Noel's Box regularly recieves rave comments from leading fly anglers at shows and conclaves.